The X-Telecom Solution is designed to be a converged solution with respect to different services, products, markets and value chains. It is aimed at corporations offering telecom products as a core service or as part of any other type of service, such as utility services.

Key Features

  • Customer web interface enabling comprehensive self services
  • Exact rating and invoicing of usage, retail, wholesale and margin
  • Interconnect billing in several levels (value chain rating)
  • Advanced products
  • Customer, product (retail – wholesale) and market accounting
  • Individualised marketing and customer care processes, e.g. win-back and hold-back
  • Any business variable may change at any time point


  • Reduced front and back office staff
  • Enabling business line convergent
  • Comprehensive and detailed business control
  • Enabling the use of state-of-the-art products
  • Added value to customers
  • Enabling margin control in real-time
  • Quality assurance of business processes
  • 100% traceability of all transaction, e.g. customer orders


The X-Telecom Solution enables service providers to continuously execute all customer related business processes including rating of service usage. The X-Telecom Solution empowers service providers to handle any future challenges with ease.

Advanced products

The X-Telecom Solution enables the service provider to build advanced state-of-the-art products to retain and attract customers.

Retail result for a land line operator(click to enlarge)

Interconnect billing

Interconnect billing, i.e. what the service providers owns to the network the call is routed to, may be conducted simultaneous with the customer rating (dual rating), giving precise control of business margins on customer, product and market. In case several network operators are included in the value chain, multiple interconnect billing partners may be configured. Also, incoming calls may be rated (interconnect revenue) to give the full picture of profit for the different dimensions. This feature is not limited to linear mark-up pricing (value chain rating) but may be applied on any type of interconnect agreement combined with any type of customer pricing.

Retail – wholesale configuration for long distance calls including international carrier(click to enlarge)

Network configuration

The X-Telecom Solution may handle several networks in one set of business processes. E.g. calls may be rated with respect to any combination of A-number, B-number, originating network and terminating network. This allows the service provider to converge its business processes into one operation.

Market result(click to enlarge)

Service usage(click to enlarge)