The X-Billing is designed for converged billing of any service and product. Furthermore, X-Billing empowers service providers with the ability to rate not only the revenue side of the business but also the cost side, i.e. dual rating. X-Billing is the answer for corporations in search of business creativity leadership and control excellence.

Key Features

  • Rates any service and product in a single generic process
  • Retail, wholesale, discount, tax and margin are rated individually on usage (micro) level
  • The retail (micro) result is aggregated on customer, retail product, wholesale product and market dimensions using any desired individual periodicity
  • Several wholesale product components may be associated with a single retail product component and vice versa
  • Continuous process with real-time rating possibility
  • Subscriptions, products, usage and any other rating variable may start and end at any time point (precise time, not date)
  • Usage profiling is available for services that have long sampling periods
  • Translation functions are available for connecting usage to product components such as number plans for telecom
  • Advanced discount plans such as discount as a function of aggregated usage
  • Time period dependant products such as peak / off-peak pricing
  • Handling of fixed price products
  • Definition of any price plan per product component where the price may change at any time
  • Any one time or recurring non-usage dependant charge may be defined
  • Complex rating schemes are available such as chained products
  • Extensive exception handling
  • 100% traceability of all activities and transactions e.g. enabling automatic roll-back of rating
  • Absolutely correct rating result with no approximations whatsoever
  • Complete globalization support such as currency, languages, local holidays, time zones etc.
  • Invoicing and accounts receivable functions are available


  • Enables market leadership with innovative products
  • Exact detailed business control in real-time
  • Quality assurance through reconciliation across different business dimensions
  • Possibility to fully automate the business reducing cost and eliminating back-log
  • Detailed customer view on rating result reducing customer care load
  • Possibility to converge billing into one consolidated process for multi-services corporations and intranet